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Solve puzzles to kill the characters

Braindom Fate Puzzle is a free puzzle game with a cute aesthetic and a dark sense of comedy. The game gives you a succession of cute cartoon characters who must be killed one by one in a series of twisted puzzles.

The game is similar to hidden-object titles like I SPY Spooky Mansion and Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure. At the same time, it brings something new to the genre with its strain of black comedy that turns each puzzle into a sick joke.

Find hidden objects with deadly effects

Braindom Fate Puzzle is suited to players who enjoy puzzles and also possess a morbid sense of humor. Each level depicts a character in a seemingly innocuous situation. Your job is to find the best way to kill them. For example, if the level has a woman in a bathtub, you'll need to find the hairdryer to electrocute her.

Innocent objects can kill

Some of the game's puzzles are simple, with the deadly implement in plain sight. Others will require a little imagination, as there will be red herring objects that serve no use. Even a hat, a bottle of glue, or a dollar bill can cause death. However, when all items look innocent, it'll take thought to find the right one.

Some puzzles are harder than others

The game's puzzles vary in difficulty. Some will take thought, while others are so easy that they were clearly designed more as cartoon comedy skits than as actual brainteasers. The game also has the habit of reusing concepts. For example, more than one level involves maneuvering a character to their death by placing money in front of oncoming vehicles.

An inventive puzzler

Braindom Fate Puzzle is ideal for players who want a puzzle game with a difference. Even with the easy puzzles, the sense of humor comes through.


  • Twisted sense of humor
  • Inventive concept


  • Unsuitable for small children
  • Some puzzles are too easy

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